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Groth’s Gardens & Greenhouses
2451 Cumming Rd., Winterset, Iowa 50273 USA
25 minutes southwest of Des Moines in scenic and historic Madison County.
9am-6pm Mon-Sat. • 12pm-4pm Sun.

August 2019 Groth’s Gardens Newsletter 


Groth mums are grown outdoors with plenty of water, fertilizer and daily attention to create a premium mum for beautiful fall color and enjoyment. They’ve sized up great, are loaded with buds and should last about 6 weeks when placed in a sunny location and watered when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch. Mums require 6 - 8 hours of sun a day to bloom out and hold their vibrant colors. Our mums are grown and marketed outdoors to keep the buds actively growing and maturing. Mums that have been marketed in shaded areas or warehouse settings will usually not fully bloom out if they have been in those locations more than a couple of days. Mums were meant for the sun and that’s where they stay at Groth’s!

Groth's Greenhouses Mums

We grow early, mid-season and late mums. This ensure fresh plants into mid-October. Many of our customers purchase early mums in late August and then return for the late-season by early October for mums that will last into November. It’s our last “flower fix” before winter and folks want to make the most of it!

In addition to the 12” and 8” mums, we’re also growing 6.5” mums, and the 16” oblong planters and 10” hanging baskets again. Many of you have requested them and they’re looking great!

  •     12” Mums - 16.99 ea. or 3/48.00
  •     8” Mums - 8.99 or 3/25.00
  •     6.5”  Mums - 5.99 or 3/17.00
  •     16” Oblongs - 16.99 or 3/48.00
  •     10” Hanging baskets - 16.99 or 3/48.00

6.5” mums and 16” oblongs (left); 10" hanging baskets (right)


Happy Shoppers at Groth's

Groth’s Gardens and Greenhouses features over 1,000 varieties of perennial and annuals. Our goal is to provide our customers with new, unusual and hard-to-find plants. Our five large greenhouses and an outdoor nursery area are loaded with over 25,000 perennials, annuals, hanging gardens, mixed containers, ornamental grasses, hostas and day lilies. In addition to our great selection, we have very competitive prices. We grow the majority of our plants and are proud to be a local, independent greenhouse.

We started our business with huge, high-quality mums, and sell 4000 field-grown fall mums each year, drawing customers from a 200-mile radius. Our mum customers have become loyal spring customers and visit us several times a season from mid-April through October.

Take a leisurely visit around our website, see what we have to offer, and learn some great information about flowers and plants.

Check out our newsletter for a list of our plant offerings, and stop by for a visit. A map to our farm is available, too. Or check out Deb’s blog for all the latest info!

We appreciate your friendship and your business and willingness to drive to our “destination greenhouse.”
We are proud to be local growers & owners of an independent nursery!

Friendly, experienced staff + Fresh, healthy, hardy plants = GARDENING SUCCESS!

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Photos from Groth's Gardens

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